Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement 

Patient engagement is the holy grail of an effective healthcare system. With everyone talking about healthcare reform, its success is dependent on developing a thorough understanding of patient engagement.

The iPLATO Hub is a population-wide, multi-channel patient engagement platform connected to consenting GP practices. It allows regional teams working in partnership with GP surgeries to run powerful, data driven, patient engagement campaigns across SMS, myGP Messaging (secure in-app messaging), IVR, e-mail and letter.

iPLATO’s offering also includes specialist services based on Behavioural Insight best practice to optimise the communication budget to deliver the required level of engagement around a range of programmes such as NHS Health Checks, Pre-diabetes,

We have worked on some great initiatives to improve health outcomes by teaming up with some fantastic partners such as:

Department of Health

Public Health England

Imperial College Healthcare

UCL Hospitals

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Behavioural Insight

In 2015, we helped contribute towards a campaign that focused on putting behavioural insights theory into practice from a randomised controlled trial that took place in Southwark. This study communicated with over 13,000 patients and concluded that the right combination of text messaging and letter content increased uptake of NHS Health Checks by 65 per cent.

To read the entire case study, just enter your email address under the ‘Download‘ section.

Bowel Cancer Screening

Recently, we have worked with University College London (UCL) to increase the uptake of Bowel Cancer Screenings. You can now download a copy of the Abstract under the ‘Download‘ section. Alternatively, please click here to read the Abstract online.

Also, you can read a case study that was published in the British Journal of Cancer that highlights how our solutions can increase uptake of routine breast screening appointments through a randomised controlled trial in a hard-to-reach population.

To read the entire case study, just enter your name and email address under the ‘Download‘ section.

Enrolment to Support Service for People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

NHS Greenwich in partnership with iPLATO Healthcare created this service, to help people with COPD take control of their own health supported by a holistic and local messaging service. 

To read the entire case study, just enter your name and email address under the ‘Download‘ section.

Helping smokers, stop.

Since 2006, we have worked with many NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, such as NHS Bristol CCG, NHS City & Hackney CCG, NHS Hammersmith & Fulham CCG, NHS Barking & Dagenham CCG as well as a range of pharmacies to provide targeted mobile healthcare solutions for smoking cessation campaigns. If your Clinical Commissioning Group is thinking about running these type of campaigns, then please don’t just think, instead, please get in touch.

Next steps

We welcome innovative and informed clinicians and academic institutions to get in touch, so that we can work together to trial new concepts and develop new insight that can improve the quality of care being offered to patients. So please request a call back today and one of our experts will be in touch with you.