iPLATO Research Shows Women Are More Likely To Use Online GP Services

We have recently published research into usage of our myGPTM app, which allows patients to book appointments, track self-care values, and receive encrypted messages from their practice. Our research has shown that women are far more likely to utilise digital solutions to manage healthcare for themselves and their dependents.

“GP” article:

Data from iPLATO Healthcare’s myGPTM app found that women were responsible for 68% of all GP appointments booked. The data also showed that 62% of the myGP users who had set up medication reminders were women. 

Women were also more likely to register as carers for dependents, which allows them to book GP appointments for the people they care for. Almost 90% of the registered carers on myGP were women and 52% of the dependents added to the app were under the age of five.

The myGP app is free for patients and allows them to securely book or cancel appointments on their smartphone if their GP surgery is enrolled with iPLATO. It also enables practices to automate data collection such as smoking status, streamline call and recall, improve adherence and access to medication and support self care through digital care plans.

Lemarie Moses, product manager of myGP, said the data reflected an emerging trend of women making use of technology to manage their busy day-to-day lives.

Of the 6.5m unpaid carers in the UK, 58% are women. According to Carers UK over 2.4m people in the UK are caring for both young children and an older or disabled relatives and it is anticipated that there will be a rise in the number of people involved in multigenerational caring.

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