Informed Commissioning

Knowledge is power and blind commissioning is a real NHS problem. Commissioners spend significant amount of tax payers’ money but often have little to show for the investment  or quality data to guide them to achieve more, ideally, for less.

Informed Commissioning

Our solutions for Informed Commissioning help you assess the communication needs of your population, the performance of your GP practices and to prioritise service improvement opportunities in primary care that can impact the use of higher cost services in other care settings.

We know that the patient is always at the heart of everything you do. iPLATO allows the commissioner a next to real time view on realised access benefits for each connected practice. Commissioners use this information to pin target improvement efforts to continuously reduce pressure on urgent care services. Using our digital tools will help you assess where services are maximised and where inefficiencies are occurring.

An iPLATO Dashboard helps commissioners assess digital inclusion and prioritise patient engagement channels. The solution shows availability of mobile phone numbers across the population compared to e-mails or postal addresses. This data helps guide your high impact patient engagement initiatives. iPLATO Dashboard also reports on these healthcare engagement initiatives.

iPLATO is a pioneer in patient experience measurement. Thousands of patients every day provide feedback on some of primary care services covered by our solution. Sophisticated reporting tools allow Commissioners to break down anonymous patient satisfaction by practice, age and gender to help them target service improvement budgets on critical demographics.

We know that our digital platform will excite you to learn more about the performance of GP practices. This will enable you to plan more future services that can boost staff morale and that are relevant to the population in order to drive long lasting improvements for every patient.

Next Steps

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