Health Coaching to Reduce Unplanned Admissions

iPLATO Healthcare are happy to announce that we have partnered with Health Navigator. We are working together to reduce unplanned acute admissions through health coaching.

Writing for MedTech Engine, Tobias Aplsten, CEO of iPLATO Healthcare, describes how health coaching can improve a patient’s quality of life, and helps to reduce pressures on health services.

Health coaching can have a significant impact on unplanned hospital admissions, as well as a reduction in GP appointments and out-of-hour emergency calls. For patients, coaching increases their understanding of their conditions and motivates them to make key behavioural changes such as smoking cessation, medication compliance, adoption of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. It also signposts them other available support services when necessary.

iPLATO Healthcare and Health Navigator recognise that caring for those with complex needs requires a partnership with patients over the longer term rather than providing single, unconnected ‘episodes’ of care in a GP appointment setting or emergency admission. Following approval by the relevant CCG to fund the health coaching programme, patients will be invited by their GP practice to enrol in tailored sessions. Holistic coaching is delivered both face-to-face and over the phone at a time and place convenient to patients. This provides an increased sense of control by eliminating some of the barriers and intimidations that are often present with shorter consultations with healthcare professionals such as GPs or emergency staff. This results in higher levels of engagement with patients.

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