Response to the NHS cyber-attack – 15th May 2017




iPLATO’s cloud-based service including myGP has not been affected by the recent cyber-attack.


With over 13m patient users and 1,500 GP practices, we take security seriously. Our cloud based service continued to run during the recent cyberattack, we didn’t lose any data and we stayed operational the whole time.


If your organisation has been impacted by the attack, please ask your IT manager to contact NHS Digital on or call 0800 0856653.


We understand that some CCGs use patient communication systems installed on local PCs where the updating of anti-virus software and maintaining updated security patches is the user’s responsibility. Recent events highlight the weakness of these systems.


We have campaigned for years to get CCGs to move across to the newer, more secure services and we urge all users of this type of service to talk to us about upgrading to our cloud based system.


For more detailed information please visit the NHS Digital website at